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Wedding Cake

cakes are priced per slice

$4.00 a slice for butter cream

$4.75 a slice for fondant

prices can change do to decorations. 

In the tasting we will go over the ins and outs.


mini are sold per dozen $12.00


Traditional $1.50 single $ 15.00 per doz

Specialty $2.50 single $25.00per doz


Traditional flavors are $3.50 single $35.00 per doz

Specialty flavors are $4.50 single $45.00 doz

Cake pops are $1.00 per pop 

prices may change based off the style (decorations and/or filling) 

All Bars are great for Weddings, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers and all other events. All food Bars can be custom to each event.            (prices are based on each event and are subject to change.Decorations can be add to tie in event theme. All bars are required a sit down and go over what food/drink is wanted.)

Fruit & Veggie Bar

can come with many different styles and dips!

Dessert Bar

different dessert to satisfy the sweet tooth in all.

Ice cream Bar

I scream YOU scream WE all scream for ICE CREAM...oh and toppings.

S'more Bar

always room for s'more love!

Popcorn Bar

different flavors  popcorn and shaker seasonings

Italian Soda Bar

non alcohol drinks only

Candy Bar

Color theme candy or just the simple love of Willy Wonka to bring out the kid in you!

Coffee and Tea

Something to give you extra energy to keep on dancing!

Milk and Cookies

A treat Santa would love!